Back in 2001, I was a freelance writer and became a “wellness consultant” representing a company whose products ranged from pure water to far infrared technology to magnets. Two fantastic things happened in my life from that experience:

1.) I finally QUIT smoking after numerous efforts throughout as many years
2.) I learned about water; all kinds of water! Water from municipalities, distilled water, “purified” water, reverse osmosis, but most important of all, I learned why I did not want to drink tap water- anybody’s!

I’ll never regret that experience. While a full-blown career in wellness didn’t result from that, a health and wellness bug took residence in my ear. It stayed there and has grown increasingly ever since.

I leaped toward wellness five years before when I finally learned (yep, it takes lots of falling down and getting back up for me to learn) that alcohol was not my friend. I’ve adopted the widely known philosophy “one drink is too many and a thousand isn’t enough.” It has served me well in what is now my 23rd year of sobriety. But for the grace of God, Spirit, Universe, All That Is – or whatever. I AM GRATEFUL. I won’t go back – today. (It’s a one-day-at-a-time thing.)

There’s an anonymous group who believes sobriety should not be discussed at the level of “press, radio, and film” and until this writing, I’ve held to that suggestion. I completely understand why that suggestion was made and I gave it validity.

This past weekend while searching the Net, I found a man, who founded a company that interested me. I loved his straightforward, non-jargon-filled writing style and truly appreciated his message. I too have been pretty much left out of the craft beer scene and think I’m missing out. Check this out at:

During the summer of my 10th year of sobriety, I was at my sister’s in Miami and noticed an O’Douls in her refrigerator. Having determined at the ripe old age of 7 that I LOVED the taste of beer, giving up drinking was probably most painful because of this. Mexican and Italian food, cold roast beef sandwiches, among other foods, were significantly enhanced by a complimentary beverage, which I called beer.

So, I called my sponsor. She asked me how I felt about this and I reasoned it would take drinking 6 of these in one setting (not a complimenting food quantity by any means) to achieve 3% alcohol intake which didn’t even equate to a 3.2 beer! This practice is frowned upon for the simple reason that it could lead to harder stuff. (Reminds me of other stories of my youth though I didn’t get those messages till I’d already been experimenting with the harder stuff!) So, I opened the bottle. I can tell you unequivocally, it enhanced my life. It made many of my meals so much more enjoyable. HOWEVER, here’s the disclaimer: Do not try this at home. What works for me may not work for you. I won’t assume the baggage of being responsible for the decisions of others.

Besides, as the founder/writer of Wellbeing Brewing Company points out, there are at minimum, 14 types who will LOVE non-alcoholic craft beer so the appeal is widespread.

The popularity of non-alcoholic beer craft beer is growing exponentially and I couldn’t be happier. That’s why I’m helping to spread the word about this company, and their brews.
As for me, my health journey necessitated a current gluten-free and grain-free diet. Testing has verified a gluten sensitivity and we all know gluten hides in grains. Craft beer is comprised of wheat, rye and barley and I know the Wellbeing Brewing Company is working diligently at producing the tastiest, most full-bodied ales and lagers they can, using these ingredients.

I’m just hoping at some point down the road, Jeff Stevens and his team will begin investigating gluten-free, non-alcoholic brews to make this woman a happy camper!