I love this coaster.  It’s called RUSHING ©Erin Smith Art and ©High Cotton Ink. Thank you Erin Smith & High Cotton Ink! 

My sister Debra sent me this after she, another sister, & I were shopping in Key Largo or Naples, a couple of years ago.  We each bought some for friends and this one came in the mail a month or so later.   I thought it was special and mostly displayed it (vs. use it) for the better part of a year.  Then, last fall, a friend gave me a storyboard charm that said much the same thing.   Universe sending me a message: YES

I ran track as a kid and for years, played center field or short center in softball.  Moving swiftly comes naturally to me so, it’s no shock I’m familiar with breakneck speed.  The environmentalist in me is ashamed of my penchant for speed behind the wheel.

In the winter of 2018, after becoming a Board Certified Patient Advocate that spring, I woke up to the fact that my goal to provide advocacy services on a part time basis was, unrealistic.

I had a nice website, it achieved some interest by my receiving phone calls and emails from prospective clients. The trouble, I swiftly learned, is that when a person is in dire need they don’t read about the types of services provided or the posted abbreviated hours..they key in the number and ask for help. Lots of help. I’d ask, how did you hear about me, and most (we’re talking about 8 people) would say they saw my website. I’d gently advise that what they sought help for was outside the scope of my practice, and that I couldn’t (for example) assist a very large man who could barely walk, fight the rehab center’s effort to kick him out, and get him relocated to another facility – that weekend!

Hale Health Advocates

Hale Health Advocates’ focus was on End Of Life choices and utilization of Palliative Care and Hospice services for people and their pets. I am/was eager to educate people about their options at life’s end and what documentation is required to insure their wishes are honored and followed through.

Anyway, it was another expensive lesson in a lifetime of learning. If I had a dollar for every domain I owned at one time.. I really had to s l o w down, catch a breath, and decide what I wanted to do next.

So, that’s why this is my first blog post in over a year. I’ve come to terms with some of my shortcomings, and have had a lot of teachers assist me. I’ve got a clearer head, and feel a strong connection with an organization I’ve supported for years. I will be advocating for people and their pets and along the way, hoping to change some lives for folks and fur-balls here now, for those transitioning from this life, and for those not yet born.

I’m referring to Compassion and Choices an amazing organization who just this year, introduced a Dementia provision that is groundbreaking for a humanity with a tragic number of people afflicted with one form of dementia or another.

Advocacy for People
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Advocacy for Pets
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I’m a huge advocate for pets and extremely grateful for the ASPCA – Greater Kansas City chapter. There are many outstanding organizations that help people, pets and the planet and you’ll be hearing much more about them from me.