Recently, armed with results of “diagnostic tests” whose validity and scientific basis I now question, I met with an Integrative Nutritionist and self-taught chef.  I’d done quite a bit of research, looking for a person with whom I could relate, learn from, and share very personal health experiences who was also conveniently located.  I found this and so much more with Jackie Caldwell, of Restoring Our bite at a time

Jackie is humble, super knowledgeable, an awesome chef, and an authentic individual.  I can attest to the chef part – not only because she teaches classes at one of my favorite destinations, The Culinary Center in Overland Park, Kansas, but because I have followed her recipes and am very pleased with them!

She was kind enough to point out to me that “our libraries look very similar” and despite my having read and absorbed all kinds of nutritional data, I experienced information overload.  Or call it analysis paralysis –an inability to act because I couldn’t figure out where to start. I’m NOT a nutritionist and needed the help of one to sort out the information (and misinformation) so I could get on track to optimal health.

Jackie is the expert I chose, and I couldn’t have done better.  She’s an amazing woman with a personal story to match, which was a big draw for me. I wanted a teacher who experienced her own health challenges that would enable her to see how to help others.

One of the biggest takeaways for me – and it’s been sitting in front of my face for years – was that I was at risk of becoming a supplement junkie.

I have removed medications of my choosing and replaced them with supplements – with excellent results on the allergy side and as-yet-undetermined-results on the Hashimoto-Thyroiditis side.

What Jackie taught me (and continues to because of what I’ve learned so far and my plan to continue to utilize her expertise going forward) is that the IDEAL is to obtain all necessary nutrients from the foods we consume.

Among my priorities was to heal the leaky gut I believe is at the heart of my health challenges, including eczema and autoimmune conditions.  Additionally, this sugar-addict tried a detox diet early this year that worked well enough through abstinence that I lost significant weight.  I’m a physically small woman so, this is a real problem.  I know a lot of people cannot relate.  That is your story, not mine.

Anyway, Jackie is helping me to gain healthy weight and not through my life-long method of eating sugary foods and drinking sugary beverages.  It’s a work in process and I am very grateful for her assistance and guidance.

I highly recommend this incredible nutritionist who is an exceptional listener, an excellent interviewer, a fine chef, and a genuine teacher that lives, walks and talks her truth.