CHOOSE- Pick 3, any Combination of 3 Care2ShareNOW’s Recycled Greeting Cards (P3-COMBO)


100% Recycled Card Stock, white, matte finish, 5" x 7" Horizontal or Vertical Greeting Cards with original artwork and text. All cards include a self-seal, white envelope. The 2nd image here shows the envelope, cardboard shipping envelope, and chipboard for extra support.

YOU CHOOSE 3 greeting cards—Pick any 3 of Care2shareNOW Card Studio’s selections (P3-COMBO) Choose from any combo of the five categories shown:

Celebration of Life (CEB-1, 2, etc.)
Cope and Encouragement (CAE-1, 2, etc.)
Get Well (GW-1, 2, etc.)
Sympathy (SYM-1, 2, etc.)
Thank You (TY-1, 2, etc.)

Each listing shows a Card Code such as CEB-1, CAE-1,etc.

IF WE WILL BE MAILING/ shipping your order- once you place it, please email me at [email protected] with your name and the code(s) of three cards you would like. (If you want 3 of the same card, you would show the code and then the quantity, 3.)

Example: You want CEB-2 (1) and TY-1 (2) = 3 cards

**IF YOU LIVE WITHIN 15 MILES OF 64118 - a CUSTOMER PICKUP appointment can be arranged in advance. In this case, email me at [email protected] with your card choices. I will contact you when ready for pick up.

Care2shareNOW Card Studio is focused on the challenges inherent in life and death. After reading from several sources in the Spring of 2020 about the shortage of sympathy cards due to Covid-19, this store was given birth.

I'll leave the Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary, and all the other celebrations to the big guys.



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Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.