Hippocrates was quite the forward-thinker.  

This quote, attributed to him after his death, is the answer to so many of our ills:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.  

Hippocrates Biography

How ironic that on average, a person studying in the U.S. to become a doctor receives less than 20 hours of study about nutrition. Read more about “The Father of Medicine” at  BIOGRAPHY.COM

Physicians still cite the Hippocratic Oath although it has been modified several times and recently, The World Medical Association has approved a new version which can be found here.

It’s my opinion that the very best outcome for each of us is to consult a functional medicine provider and/or clinical nutritionist, as a complement to a conventional medicine provider.  In other words, to consult integrative physicians and therapies. The most significant difference between a traditional provider and a functional one, is that the traditional provider addresses the symptoms primarily through prescription drugs and a functional provider is dedicated to uncovering the root cause of a patient’s symptoms- thus getting to the bottom of the problem and working up from there.

I believe that many of the ills we people (and our pets) face are directly related to the food we eat and the environmental toxins we are exposed to. 

I also think the system is broken and it needs a lot of loud, demanding, unrelenting voices saying we’ve had enough! 

© pixitive iStock
© pixitive iStock