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CARE2SHARENOW CARD STUDIO is not a full line greeting card company. Instead, we focus on challenges: the winds of change inherent in life and death. Blending inspiring images with thoughtful words, we hope you find what you are looking for in the categories of:


  • Celebration of Life
  • Cope and Encouragement
  • Get Well
  • Sympathy
  • Pet Sympathy
  • Thank You

EarthWE LOVE OUR PLANET and strive to be good environmental stewards.

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As explained above, we are not a full line greeting card company.  We are a niche, micro business focused on the challenges characteristic of living and dying.

Care2ShareNOW Card Studio came about because of the severe shortage of SYMPATHY CARDS detailed by several publications in the Spring of 2020.  The unthinkable occurred and the big name, well-established greeting card companies were ill-equipped to supply this category of greeting cards to meet the unexpected and tragic level of demand.

You see, they determine how many cards in each category they will produce based on historical demand.  Birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc, are sold in much greater numbers and are therefore more profitable to direct resources to.  I’m not blaming them; I am explaining why we are focusing on the 6 categories of greeting cards shown here.

It was and remains a heartbreaking, catastrophic event made even more tragic by our inability to see, touch, and say goodbye to what is now (May 2022) unbelievably, more than ONE MILLION loved ones lost in the U.S. alone! Not being able to find sympathy cards compounded the overwhelming feelings of sorrow and helplessness.

We plan to address the categories that the large greeting card companies direct fewer resources to. 

Please prefer to the Shop Policies page for more information and thank you for visiting care2shareNOW card studio!


Celebration of Life
Celebration of Life inside

Example of a CELEBRATION OF LIFE card

Hope front
Hope inside

Example of a COPE & ENCOURAGEMENT card

Get Well soon front
Get Well Soon inside

Example of a GET WELL card

Sympathy front
Sympathy inside

Example of a SYMPATHY card

Thank you front
Thank You inside

Example of a THANK YOU card